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Dealing With Headaches

If your bite isn't right, the muscles become tight, and the pain will ignite

Everyone has to deal with headaches, neck or shoulder aches at some point in his or her life. For some, the remedy is as simple as taking an aspirin or a hot shower. However, for many others the pain is so severe that they struggle just to get through the day. It is estimated that 45 million Americans suffer from frequent headaches. Unfortunately, many will either assume it's due to a stressful job/life or it's a result of getting older. Others will go from doctor to doctor frantically searching for a cure. (With the advent of Botox injections, it seems consumers are willing to try anything to make the pain go away.) While prescription medicine sometimes provides the necessary aid, it often only addresses the symptoms and not the underlying causes. Neuromuscular Dentistry (yes, dentistry!) treats the causes and the symptoms in a non-invasive way without the use of medications or surgery.

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