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Improving Your Smile
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A bright, sparkling smile boosts confidence and helps you look your best. And now, getting a brighter, whiter smile has never been easier. Today, numerous options are available to lighten dark or stained teeth. As advancements in bleaching options occur, we are able to increase the level of whiteness while shortening the time it takes to achieve the desired result. We offer two quick and easy alternatives to whiten your teeth.

Laser Bleaching - At Our Office

Imagine a whiter, brighter smile in just over an hour. If you want a whiter smile immediately, we offer laser bleaching in our office. Appointments can be made as quickly as the next day. We use the Zoom!™ in-office whitening system, which is the same one used by ABC's "Extreme Makeover" team and was rated the #1 system by New York magazine. Zoom uses a revolutionary light technology and specially formulated gel designed to lighten and brighten your smile in three 20-minute segments. Plus, we'll even provide you with a set of custom-made trays for those times later on when you want to touch up your smile.

Custom-Made Bleaching Trays - At Home

You can have a brighter smile using clear, lightweight trays that are made specifically for your own teeth. It only takes 10 minutes in the office to make the impressions, and we'll have them ready for you by the next day. Wear them for just 30 minutes a day, whenever you want. (There's no need to wear them for longer, since the gel deactivates after one half-hour.) We recommend using them an hour before bed, since you won't be tempted to eat or drink substances that have a propensity to stain like coffee, red wine or marinara sauce.

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